Virtually Connected Solutions

Virconsol is an acronym standing for Virtually Connected Solutions and it provides answers to questions of literally every field of life – from everyday social interactions to business collaboration and so forth. A patent-ready database system logic enables to build a new generation social media framework, a unique feature of which provides access for several web applications to the same information. This invention is destined to connect social hubs with each other. Social Hubs are full functioning online communities of several types: family, friendship, school, hobby, work etc. The solution predestinates to substitute classic social media with a new and better collaborative way of thinking. How? The system unites numerous collective applications into one totality just in order to connect people more efficiently. Virconsol, plainly speaking, is a tool that embraces people and makes lives easier.


Cooperation in business and also in life exists inside and outside organizations, and ranges from the simplicity of a partnership to the complexity of a multinational organization.

Our aim is to take this form of social interaction to a higher level, using the key word: Collaboration. Collaboration can be effective way of tackling complex problems in public, private and voluntary sectors. Collaboration among team members and customers results better communication within the organization and also through supply chains. It is a way of coordinating different ideas from numerous people to generate a wide variety of knowledge. Our systems allow people from all over the world to efficiently communicate and share information through the internet without any geographical barriers.

A plethora of studies have shown that collaboration can be a powerful tool towards higher achievement and increased productivity since collective efficacy can significantly boost groups’ aspirations, motivational investment, morale, and resilience to challenges.

We are going to build a new Social Media for your advantage !